Op 24 mei 2016, om 12:55 heeft Jaroslav Tuček <tucek@doubleshot.cz> het volgende geschreven: 
well, I name the roast in the „Properties“ – „Title“ and it is displayed correctly above the grid in the left upper corner. Once I press „start“ it dissappears and it is neither in the title bar as seen on your screenshot nor above the grid in the upper left corner.

Ah… that is not what I meant.

I will illustrate in four separate steps. First before starting the roast, give the log file a meaningful name, any text you like. Here I named it after you.

Then start the roast and see whatever you wanted written at the top.

So 1 use “Save As” to name the LOG file:

2 like this:

3 you see the name at the very top:

4 then press START and you still see whatever you want there at the top: